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Saturday, May 28

Bring On Summer!!!

I am so excited for summer break! School is finally out! I know there will be hardships with whiny, bored children occasionally, but that seems like a good trade for making 4 trips back and forth everyday. I am so excited to be able to be at home!

Not only am I looking forward to that, but I feel like I can really spend some quality time with my kids now. We don't get a lot of that when schedules get in the way. I love my children, but I often feel that I don't appreciate them enough. I don't always get to recognize the small and simple things that are so special because we are too busy, so I tend to rush through those small and simple and precious moments. For the next 3 months I won't have to do that! I can fully enjoy them! We can play together, laugh together, enjoy the sunshine (when it shows up), tell each other stories, sing songs, read books, be completely carefree and happy....the list goes on and on!

I am stoked for summer break! Bring it on!


Erickson Clan said...

Can we add play dates to your list of things???? My kids keep asking if they can play with their cousins like they did last summer.

Lisa said...

Absolutely!!! My kids are dying for that!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

So excited for summer also.... We want a play date too with all of you.... I'll make the long drive <3

becki_80 said...

What about Charlie? (Andrew)

Lisa said...

Of course Charlie will be part of it, but he's not exactly in 'play' mode yet, ya know.