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Monday, May 16

Are Weekends Supposed To Be Fun?

I've been feeling pretty run down lately. Last week just really made me exhausted.So I was looking forward to the weekend. Jarom actually had a Saturday off so we could go to his cousin's wedding luncheon. I was really looking forward to visiting with the family and catching up with everybody.

But from the very beginning, Saturday was not the relaxing, fun day I had planned. Getting 5 girls dressed and ready is always a challenge. We added baths into it, and the adventure began. While in the bathtub, Molly decided her bath would be much more fun if the water were outside the tub rather than in it. She used a cup to scoop up the water and dump it out onto the bathroom floor. Our bathroom is quite small, so in no time there was an inch of water on the floor and it was leaking out onto the carpet in the hallway. This put my husband in a very bad mood, very quickly. Orneriness ensued.

After baths were done and Emma & Bridget's hair had been done, it was Molly's turn for her hair to be done. I started brushing and realized that there was a large piece of gum stuck in her beautiful, long hair! This left me no choice, thirty minutes before we had to leave, than to give an impromptu haircut. I had to cut off at least 6 inches of her gorgeous hair, and I had never cut a girl's hair before. Luckily, I did not butcher it too bad. In fact, it looks kind of cute. But frustration was beginning to settle in.

Then came the car ride. From Tooele to Provo it took us almost an hour and a half. That's not usually a big deal, but my kids have been in some sort of phase lately where EVERYTHING starts an argument. It was nothing but screaming, crying, and whining for 90 minutes! We finally made it to the luncheon and everything was so beautiful. I sent Jarom and the kids for food while I sat with Charlie. They got back pretty quickly because they were pretty close to the front of the line. But in the time it took for them to come sit down and for me to get in line, a hundred other people had already gotten there. I had to stand in line for almost 30 minutes to get food so by the time I got back to the table my whole family had finished eating. But of course, the second I sat down I was bombarded. They all started taking my food right off my plate because they were still hungry! Including my adorable husband!( Trust me, I wasn't thinking he was adorable right then.)

If there's one way to get me irritated...just mess with my food when I'm hungry...I know, its sad, but that's just how it is. Food and I have a love-hate relationship like that.

So, by this time I was in a pretty bad mood. All of my intentions to be social and chatty had flown out the window. I went down to the kids' room and watched Toy Story while the party ensued. I apologize to everyone who was there who thought I was being crabby and unfriendly... I was.

Then came the 90 minute ride home. Even worse than the ride there had been. Charlie cried non-stop for the last half of it. My brain couldn't handle any more.

Sunday wasn't much better. Imagine that car ride, but put it in sacrament meeting. I hope my kids get out of this phase soon! I was so exhausted yesterday I could barely move. Days like that just have a way of wearing you down. But of course, when it was finally time to go to bed I couldn't sleep. My brain wouldn't shut off.

So, here I am on Monday. I should be well rested and ready for a new week, but I think I need this week to recover from my weekend instead.

Aren't weekends supposed to be fun? ....And relaxing?

*By the way, I really do love and appreciate my kids. I hope my venting doesn't make anyone think otherwise. My children are amazing, and I'm lucky to have them! They just make me tired...


kenna said...

Not when you have five kids. I'd say kiss most weekends goodbye.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

I'm sorry you had a rough weekend. Our car rides are normally 20 questions (each minute), and if they do not get the answer they want then.....dun dun dun.... an argument! I have only sat through about 4 Sacrament meetings in over 2 years. I have a child (Alyssa) that screams every time it gets too quiet....Just thought it would be nice to know you, my friend, are not alone :(

Tara said...

I went through a weekend like that with my ex brother-in-law's wedding. It was 3 years ago now and still one of the worst weekends of my life, so I totally sympathyize. If it makes you feel any better, it DOES get better, but not for a while. :)

Erickson Clan said...

Ha Ha Lisa not to sound rude for laughing at your pain but welcome to motherhood. I don't think there is such thing as a fun weekend even when you try and do something "fun" with your family. This weekend for me didn't go as planned either. My husband took the girls to Lagoon and my wonderful mother in law took the oldest boys leaving me with the twins and hopefully a chance at a nap. Yeah right that didn't happen the twins cried the whole four hours. Just tell yourself one day your going to miss these weekends they won't stay young for long. Love ya and keep your head up.

Nathan and Shanna said...

Wow I remember those days. Just know that they aren't going to stay little long and the bigger they get so do their troubles and problems! Enjoy them!