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Tuesday, April 26

Let It Out

Some days I think that if I could scream as loud as I can, for as long as I can, it might make me feel better. It might shock everything, even my own brain, into silence! Of course, this is just a theory. I've never actually tried it. I'm afraid if I did it may terrify five small children, my neighbors, their dogs, and probably even myself. So I will stick to screaming of the silent type. I'll hear it, but only in my head. And you'll probably hear it in yours. So here goes:


Better? Ummm....maybe a little...no, not really.
Better luck next time.

1 comment:

Mara said...

I find screaming into a pillow helps a little. I go to a different room than my kids, so as not to frighten them too much. And I only do it when it's a real need or I'll go crazy or something. :-)