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Monday, June 13

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

My little Emma is such a terrific little girl. She loves to draw and write and learn. She is very talented.

Yesterday she made me a card. She drew a picture of her hugging me and she wrote, "Love is for everyone aspeshely you! I love you Mom!" with a big heart! It really made my day! The misspelled word made it even more precious somehow.

Today she wanted to write a story. She titled it The Hudg (huge) Flower. It is a cute little story and I want to share it with you, complete with all of her misspellings and run-on sentences and what-not. They make it extra special!
The Hudg Flower
One day I was sitting on the portch and said to myself I'm bord. Then I put my head up to look but then I saw a HUDGE FLOWER then I got up and yelled MOM! MOM! And dashed into the house then mom came out and SCREAMED! Then Mom fated.

The story was complete with a drawing of me in the process of fainting next too a huge flower, roughly the size of a large tree. Cutest thing ever, right? I love that little girl!   


Erickson Clan said...

That is awsome. I love her story.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

So cute!! I love kids!