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Thursday, April 18

A Call To Christians -- A Challenge to be Informed

Knowledge is Power!

Remember that phrase? It still rings true.

I would like to pose a challenge to all of you.....

I've never been interested in politics. I hate conflict and debate and have no desire to be a part of it. I figured, there are plenty of people who are smarter than me, I'll just let them make the decisions and trust their judgement. And that worked okay for awhile. I was blissfully ignorant. But then I got older and started raising a family. I started recognizing how all of those decisions affect my life every single day, and more importantly, how they affect the lives of every person in this country. And I realized something.....They're getting it wrong.

Those 'smarter' people whom I was allowing to make my decisions for me were making the wrong decisions on my behalf. But I can't even blame them for it, because I'm the one who gave them that power. It was easier than learning, and trying to understand complex issues. It was more comfortable than sharing my views and facing criticism. It allowed me to be complacent.

It was selfish.

There are many people who are just like I was. Who hear the word 'politics' and automatically tune out. I've been there, I know.

We can't do that!

Why not?

Because 'politics' isn't just about Republicans or Democrats (don't even get me started on the two-party system) .... To vote or not to vote .... 'Politics' aren't only important every 2 or 4 years .... 'Politics' is about LIFE.  Your life! .... It's about FREEDOM.  Your freedom! ....It's about LIBERTY.  Your liberty! .... It's about what our country once was, what it is now, and what it will become in the future....  And if you decide that you don't care one bit about 'politics', then you don't care about those things either. Not in the way you should.

I know that those are strong words, and they are not meant to offend. They are meant to open our eyes to what our responsibilities are as citizens of the greatest country in the world.

So, here is my challenge..... I have a video that I would like you to watch. It's basically the United States of America in a nutshell - Where it started and where it has come. If you are willing to put aside 90 minutes of your time to watch a movie (and how many of us can say we never do that?), and accept this challenge, I promise I will not ask you to participate in any other 'political' activities ever again. (Or at least not for awhile, 'wink')

I want to be clear about what I am asking from you. I am not asking you to agree with anything. I'm not trying to force you to believe in anything you're against. This video displays history in our country and people who have contributed to that history. All I want you to do, in this order, is.....

1) Watch it with an OPEN MIND. That sounds simple, but it's really not. We are all preconditioned to certain ideas and feelings that can affect how we assimilate information. Try to push those things aside and just listen without judgement. 

Watch the video by clicking HERE.

2) Decide if it's true.
    Do this while remaining neutral. DON"T think about right wing or left wing, liberal or conservative. Just follow the history and decide for yourself if it is true. If it is not true, it has no relevance. If it is true, go to the next step.

3) Decide if it is right or wrong. Do you think the country has gone the way it should? Or not? Regardless of how you may feel on stand-alone issues (i.e. feminism, abortion, etc.), how do you feel about the direction AS A WHOLE? Be honest with yourself. I'm not going to test you later. If you truly believe that it is right and good then you are now confident in what you believe, you know what it represents, and you are happy. If you think it is wrong, go to the next step.

4) You are now also confident in what you believe, and you know what it represents.  Decide what you, personally, can do to change it. It can be so hard to figure out ways to facilitate change.....especially on a grand scale. My advice is to start with the little things.

*Speak up when you normally wouldn't.
*Write a blog.
*Change your Facebook status.
*Read. Study. Learn. Get informed and become educated so you know more of what you're talking about.
*Stand up for what you believe. Others will see your example and have the courage to do the same.
*Write letters to your local representatives and let them know what you expect from them.

We are only individuals, small and seemingly ineffective. But when single individuals come together for a common goal we gain power as a group.

Things can change.

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