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Friday, August 31

Won't Back Down - Review

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a pre-screening of the movie Won't Back Down. This movie  won't be released into theaters until September 28th. So I thought I would just share my opinion of the movie for anyone who might be interested in checking it out next month.

After seeing the preview I knew this was a movie I wanted to see for one simple reason. It's rated PG. How often these days do we get the opportunity to go see a movie on the big screen that isn't bombarded by swearing, sex, and violence? Ummm...pretty much NEVER. So, I like to take advantage of that opportunity whenever I can. I will let you know, if you are thinking about taking your kids with you, there are one or two minor curse words, as well as some scenes of adults drinking in a bar. Those two things aren't anything I would worry about too much for my kids, but all parents are different, so...there you have it.

The movie is about an elementary school that is failing miserably. The majority of students do not even have basic reading skills by the time they leave the school. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a young, poor mother working two jobs to try to afford a better school for her daughter, who has dyslexia. Viola Davis plays a teacher at the failing school who is also having issues with her son. Together, the two women decide to take on the school board and the teacher's union to make a better school and a better future for their children.

The story was good and the actors were good. I think Maggie Gyllenhaal did a fantastic job with her character. I haven't seen all of her films, but in the ones that I have seen she has never played a character quite like this. She is optimistic, bubbly, and a little quirky while also being involved, serious, and tough. I liked her character a lot. Viola Davis, whom I loved in The Help also did a great job with her character; A teacher who at one time was passionate but got swallowed up by the doom and gloom of a public education bureaucracy, and who is racked by guilt from past choices that might have affected her son's ability to learn and succeed in school. Holly Hunter and Rosie Perez also gave good performances in supporting roles.

I really, really enjoyed this movie. There were parts that made me laugh, there were parts that made me cry, there were parts that made me angry, and there were parts that made me feel all warm and gooey inside. I think if you're looking for a nice feel-good movie that the whole family can enjoy, then this is a great option. I give it two thumbs up!

So, there you have it. I'm not a professional movie reviewer by any means and I'm sure I didn't do this movie justice. Quite frankly, I'm just hoping this review made sense. Here's to good movies!!!

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Patti said...

Thanks for this Lisa...always nice to hear of decent movies to see.