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Monday, October 10

So Happy Together

Tonight we started dinner off by teaching the girls how to hang a spoon on the tip of their nose without holding it. The first few minutes were spent with all of us laughing at each other as spoons hung on our noses (or were held, by the smaller ones). They were so fascinated and proud of themselves. I wish I had a picture to share with you. It was a priceless moment.

Ahhhh.....Those small moments.....Giggling, joking, having fun, simply enjoying our time together..... They sure do make all of the other moments worth it, don't they?

What a great plan.....The Plan of Happiness.....It really is.

(God gave me my family + My family makes me happy + I will be with my family forever = Happiness Forever)

It's so simple. Sharing sweet moments with amazing people while we're here, and sharing many more of those moments with the same amazing people for eternity. What could make any of us happier than that?

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